Walmart Is Selling a Giant Chocolate Heart That You Crack Open With a Mallet

Need to take out some of your emotions this Valentine’s Day? Walmart’s in-store brand Sam’s Choice has just what you need to get out aggression and have a chocolatey treat after it’s all out.

The Chocolate Heart Bark is made of milk chocolate and pink, purple, and white sprinkles. It comes with its very own mallet, so you can bust it open in the most dramatic way possible. If only this were only kind of heart that gets broken …

Sadly, we don’t have that much info on the Walmart treat, since it’s not listed on its website, but from the picture posted by Instagram account @junkfoodonthego, it appears that you can find it in the seasonal candy aisle.

This is an ideal gift for your friend who’s upset over a breakup — just don’t forget to throw in a bottle of wine with it.

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