Vinny Guadagnino Shared a New Shirtless Keto Diet Progress Pic

It’s no secret that Vinny Guadagnino is one of the keto diet’s most enthusiastic evangelists. On his popular Instagram account, where he goes by the handle “ketoguido,” the ‘Jersey Shore’ and ‘Double Shot at Love’ star frequently posts dramatic before and after progress pics that reveal how much weight he’s lost since committing to the trendy diet plan.

In his most recent update, Vinny’s ongoing transformation looks more dramatic than ever, posing shirtless and showing off his six-pack abs next to a relatively unflattering screen grab that appears to be from his ‘Jersey Shore’ days. While the post itself is free of context, Guadagnino provides plenty of examples of the recipes that helped fuel his transformation in his Keto Guido Cookbook, while also continuing to share new meal plan ideas and insights on his social handles almost daily.

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Last week, for instance, Guadagnino revealed that he frequently combines keto with intermittent fasting to compound the potential weight loss benefits. “I extend my nightly fast that we all do every time we sleep for hours after I wake up and hours before I go to sleep. This way I keep my calories low and get all the health benefits from intermittent fasting. I’m Italian so I’m also a foodie who likes to feast,” he wrote. “That being said, my little trick is to fast, eat a little bit during the day to survive, and then enjoy a big dinner that I look forward to.”

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Lately, Vinny also appears to be enthusiastically embracing jump rope workouts in quarantine to help him stay lean, sharing two new routines in the past week alone. “It burns off that adrenaline that likes to manifest itself in physical stressful symptoms. It puts you in the present moment. You are not your mind. You’re in control,” he wrote.

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