Unfortunately the 'secret spreading knife' in Nutella jars isn't actually real

A ‘hack’ featuring the humble Nutella jar has been doing the rounds on TikTok. But, sadly, we have to debunk it.

Videos have been springing up showing a secret compartment in the top of Nutella jars.

When these content creators take the seal from underneath the lid, they reveal a mini knife that can be used to open your jar and spread your Nutella on toast (or eat it straight from the jar – we aren’t judging).

Given the popularity of the hazelnut spread, we were ready to try it out for ourselves. However, at least in the UK, there was no special knife to be found.

Our very own Sabrina Barr managed to get underneath the seal to find… absolutely nothing. See below if you don’t believe us.

That’s not to say all the TikTokers lying to us. It’s likely that in other countries the Ferrero favourite does include the plastic knife.

In one of the main TikToks that’s been circulating, the person behind the camera’s voice sounds Australian. They’re also using a ‘family size’ Nutella jar.

These could both provide a little reasoning why our regular British jar of the stuff contained nothing exciting (apart from Nutella, obviously).

Not sure if everbody knows this 😯 leave a comment guys #fyp #foryou #nutella #4you #lifehack #tiktok (cred: @crunchynut84 )

It’s worth checking for yourselves, and please feel free to prove us wrong if you find one in yours.

For now, though, it seems that those of us who live in the UK will have to provide our own utensils to devour that chocolate goodness.


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