Two-page wedding invite says to eat beforehand as only cookies will be served

Wedding invitations may be pretty, handmade, delicate things or they can come in the form of Whatsapp messages.

Either way, guests only use it to get the basic details – time, date, address, and dress code. But guests attending one wedding had to waft through pages of an invitation before getting to all the information.

That’s because a bride wrote a two-page letter stipulating the rules and a lot of unnecessary backstories.

She asked that no one wear ‘champagne colour or any pink’ but white was okay.

And for some reason, her memo listed that no food will be served at the wedding except four types of cookies.

Let’s hope guests don’t arrive on an empty stomach then.

The bride-to-be requested that guests ‘please eat something before arriving’ because the small reception will not have ‘a lot of food’.

The memo even mentioned the types of cookies on offer and told guests to dunk them.

‘The reception will serve four types of cookies: ginger snap, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter’ it said.

But it’s not all bad as vegan milk alternatives were available ‘for dunking’.

She added though, that the almond milk ‘will be unsweetened vanilla since cookies are sweet enough’.

It seems that the wedding dinner pretty much consisted of cake.

The invite said: ‘We will have both cupcakes and regular cake for the wedding cake. The main intention was easy portion for children but all are welcome.’

The long document was shared on Facebook shaming group where followers were baffled.

In it, she told guests that they must RSVP to the wedding or risk not being allowed into the ceremony nor reception.

But anyone who wanted to make it but couldn’t can still watch the whole thing on Facebook live, she added.

And before ending the short story, the bride said her dress will be ‘blush pink with rose gold detailing’, warning that guests should not wear a ‘champagne colour or pink of any kind’ to the ceremony.

Followers of the Facebook page That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming were confused.

One of them wrote: ‘I am so confused. What is happening and when? It seems like this could have been accomplished more clearly in about six bullet points instead of this stream of consciousness mess’.

Others who read it joked that they should be invited just for taking the time to read the whole thing.

Some very understanding people sympathised with her though: ‘Ahh bless her. I can tell she’s a worrier. It’s kind of sweet’.

Sweet, unlike the almond milk at the wedding.

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