Twix announces new smaller chocolate bars with just one finger amid cost of living crisis

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Twix has unveiled a new version of their popular chocolate biscuit bar. It comes as the brand announces its decision to shrink its original bars by 15 percent as they battle the cost of living crisis. 

Twix was first introduced to the UK market in 1967 and customers went crazy over the caramel shortbread chocolate bar that consists of a biscuit applied with other confectionary toppings and coatings. 

The chocolate bar is usually sold in a multipack – two fingers in one pack.

But in a bid to combat inflation, the original 23 gram bars have been changed to ones weighing just 20 grams. 

The 23 gram bars were included in the four, nine and 16 multipacks, and have been swapped for the new 20 gram bars. 

As for how much the new smaller chocolate bars cost, Sainsbury’s is charging £1.50 for 4x40g – the new 20g multipacks.

Whereas Tesco is charging £1.25 for the same size pack. 

For the 9x40g multipacks, both Asda and Tesco have a price tag of £2. 

This size change comes as owners Mars face the rising price of making the snack and look for ways to cut costs.

A spokesperson for the chocolate company said: “Absorbing the rising costs of raw materials and operations for some time. 

“But the growing pressures we are facing mean that more needs to be done.

“Reducing the size of our products is not a decision we take lightly. 

“But we’re confident that our chocolate brands still offer our customers and consumers the best possible value for money without compromising on quality or taste.”

In addition, Twix is now promoting its individual bars – one chocolate bar weighing 20 grams sold in a box of 10. 

Twix is known for its catchy tagline where it asks customers to “try both” bars in the multipack and “pick a side”. 

But with the brand now selling just one 20g bar will their tagline be as popular with customers? 

Either way, shoppers are loving the smaller version of the classic chocolate biscuit. 

One customer said: “Love these. Satisfies my need for chocolate without undoing my efforts to eat healthy.” 

“My Children really loved these chocolate bars, just small enough for them and tasty. I would buy again,” a second commented. 

Another wrote: “Smaller size with individual wrapping. Really good snacking size with good taste.” 

“Loving the smaller size and individual wrapping. Perfect for a sweet snack on the go and controlling the calories intake,” a fourth chimed. 

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