This Official Oreo Dunking Kit Has Arrived to Prevent Crumb-Covered Fingers

Dunking Oreos has never been this fancy.

The new Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set—which is something we never knew we needed but now definitely need—has arrived for the holidays, allowing you to fully submerge your Oreo cookies in milk without making a mess of your fingers.

Designed by The Frankford Company, the set is made up of Oreos, two mugs both attached with a plastic blue Oreo-stacker, and two pairs of red tongs for dunking.

The set’s design will prevent your hands from coming into direct contact with the Oreos or milk, therefore preventing the usual cookie-dunking accidents or mess that may come with it, like fingertips covered in cookie crumbs.

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Nabisco has been on a roll this holiday season, surprising us with new creations like the monstrous Most Stuf Oreos and the cool-and-crunchy Peppermint Bark Oreos.

They also recently collaborated with Dunkin’ for a spooky-delicious Halloween donut and Disney to honor Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday with confetti birthday cake-flavored  Oreos.

The Oreo Ultimate Dunking Set is available at for $17.98.

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