The Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Wine Lovers In Your Life

When you really feel like lounging, put these on and hope somebody loves you enough to follow the directions.

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Created by Dave Matthew’s vineyard, this limited-edition cork speaker not only functions to keep your wine from spoiling, but it also doubles as a bluetooth speaker to blast your favorite tunes. Sold in a set with a bottle of Dreaming Tree Crush Red Blend, this is the gift for anyone who loves to wind down with a glass of wine and a little music.

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Yes, we know this is Bourbon, but hear us out. For any adventurous wine-o, this spirit aged in new American Oak barrels were finished in French Oak casks that once held Pritchard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon from the high elevation, rocky slopes of the Chappellet vineyard in St. Helena, Napa Valley.

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If you don’t consider yourself a wine expert, this is the game for you. With this wine tasting kit, you’ll get six bottles and blind tasting bags, where you take notes and learn what you like and dislike about certain types of wines. It’s the perfect gift for anyone looking to host a wine night and brush up on their vino knowledge.

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With this limited-edition holiday box, you can trade in the 12 days of Christmas for 12 Nights of Wine. With 12 glass-sized portions of all different vinos, this box is exactly what you should gift this holiday season. Plus, if your box comes with the sparkly, you’re one of ten lucky winners who receives the gift that keeps on giving: a free year-long Vinebox subscription.

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This Ullo wine purifier removes suliftes and sediment from your bottle, and it fits perfectly on top of every glass.

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Impress all your friends with your wine knowledge, as this conversation-starting towel has facts about wine printed all over it.

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If you buy this shirt, you have your priorities straight. 

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Display it in front of your bar cart or place it in front of your sink to add a little fun to your kitchen floor.

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In this vino-themed version of your classic property game, you can trade in grapes for decanters and “cheers” everytime you pass go.

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This maroon umbrella doubles as a bottle of red wine before it’s opened.

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Keep your wine cold up to 9 hours with this pastel-colored stemless cup.

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Perfect for wine tastings or dinner parties, during this game you get to drink flights of wine and try to describe them. No wine knowledge is necessary.

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Just freeze the Corkcicle and then pop it in your bottle to chill your whites and bring your reds to cellar temperature. 

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Yes, you can literally bathe in vino.

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With these chewy candies, you can drink your wine and eat it, too.

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For when it’s just one of those mornings…

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Start your morning or end your night with a cup of joe made from merlot-infused beans. 

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These Minnie and Mickey Mouse bottle stoppers are a playful way to replace a cork.

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Dress up any salad with these gluten-free blends, all of which are made with a variety of wines.

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You can now smell like your favorite vino. Choose from Chardonnay, Merlot, Reisling, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet, or Rosé. 

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Dreaming of owning your own vineyard? Start with this DIY wine-making kit.

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This fun decoration is both quirky and functional, and is a great way to display your favorite bottle on the counter. 

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Spice up your kitchen decor with this whimsical set of towels.

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This collection made by foodie-turned-alchemist Kristen Donnelly features three different tints of rosé for your lips.

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Avoid splashes that inevitably come with pouring fruit-filled sangria. Instead, the infused fruit stores in a top compartment so you can pour without worry.

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This handmade writing utensil is created with resin that’s been tinted and textured from grapes from the vineyard.

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Who needs to go to a bar when this is the message you come home to?

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It’s made from a wine glass and scented like your favorite vino. What more could you ask for in a candle?

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You can personalize this bottle opener so it’s functional and cute.

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