Taste tests show this supermarket is giving luxury shops a run for their money

The sun is out, the temperature is simmering – it’s perfect BBQ weather.

If you’re looking for premium taste for your backyard barbeque, one supermarket is playing in the same league as some of the UK’s most luxurious shops, according to Cambridge Market Research and a group of ‘real’ experts.

Asda pitted some of its delicious wares against similar products from Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and found that, *spoiler alert*, you can keep costs down without sacrificing taste.

Even a classic barbeque can be bougie with Asda’s offerings. In fact, when Asda’s Extra Special Gourmet Burgers were subjected to rigorous taste testing by Cambridge Market Research, the reviews were sparkling to say the least, with testers voting it tastier than Harrods’ Fillet Steak Burger!*

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Asda also enlisted its own ‘real’ experts to take part in a blind taste test, with a group of BBQ enthusiasts being amazed by just how much Asda has upped its quality.

BBQ fan Anthony even described the burger as ‘affordable luxury’, adding that the ‘flavour and texture was hands above, so much better’.

Made from prime cuts of meat and specialty ingredients like bone marrow, perhaps it’s no surprise that it really holds its own next to the luxury alternative.

Something delicious for a rainy day

Barbeque been rained off? Al fresco party plans a wash out?

With the British weather more than a little unreliable, why not cheer up those dreary summer days with a touch of luxury comfort food?

Asda’s Extra Special Cumberland Sausages are just the thing to make any mid-week meal memorable. And they also impressed in Cambridge Market Research, with over half of blind taste testers declaring them as tasty as Harrods’ Cumberland Sausages.*

Adding to the accolades, B&B owner Caron, who is very used to serving sausages to her guests, mused on the ‘value for money and great taste’ adding she was ‘surprised and delighted’ by the Asda sausages.

‘When you taste it and you love it, that’s why you keep going back!’ Caron added, as fellow B&B owner and ‘real’ expert Candy said their eyes had been opened to the improvements in taste and quality across Asda’s range.

B&B boss Natalie also enthused they were ‘full of flavour’ and would go great with mash.

Are you hungry yet?

A sweet treat

Or perhaps you’re ready for something sweet and no stone has been left unturned when it comes to Asda’s taste tests.

The Extra Special Madagascan Dark Chocolate tickled the sweet tooth of some very cool hipsters, while the Cambridge Market Research tests found it to be even more delicious than the Harrods’ 84% Cocoa Madagascan Sambirano Valley Single-Estate Chocolate.

Produced near Lake Como (yes, this chocolate mingles with the A-listers) Asda’s sweet treat uses the finest cocoa and came out on top for ‘real’ expert Ramona who said it was: ‘Much more well rounded, with lots of different flavours that came together quite well.’

Fellow hipster Will added of the ‘smooth’ and ‘fruity’ offering: ‘It feels quite classy.’ And as an arbiter of all things stylish, he would know!

So how has Asda managed to rival the luxury shops, you ask?

It’s all down to the strides the supermarket has made to improve quality, focusing on the origin and sourcing of its products, as well as prioritising taste above all else.

So why not do yourself a favour and test them for yourself?

Visit ASDA.com/FoodRevolution to shop the whole range and to see all the taste test results.

*Selected stores. Subject to availability. Serving suggestion. Independent tests May 2023. 61 of 100 people preferred the taste or equally liked the taste of Asda Extra Special Cumberland Sausage compared to Harrods’ Cumberland sausage. 85 of 106 people preferred the taste of Asda Extra Special gourmet beef steak burgers compared to Harrod’s fillet steak burger. 72 of 106 people preferred the taste of Asda Extra Special Madagascan dark chocolate compared to Harrod’s 84% cocoa Madagascan Sambirano valley single-estate chocolate. Delivery, collection and minimum basket charges may apply. Delivery/collection slots subject to availability. May exclude small stores: asda.com/smallstores
For verification see ASDA.com/FoodRevolution

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