Salt Bae has a 'secret' restaurant where you can try his famous burger for £8

Salt Bae, the chef who achieved notoriety for his much-memed salt sprinkling and gold leaf burgers now has a more affordable offering. 

Turkish butcher and chef Nusret Gökçe became known as Salt Bae in 2017, and used his newfound fame to open branches of his luxury steak restaurant Nusr-Et around the world.

Nusret now owns 22 of these restaurants across the globe, including in London, New York, Dubai and Ankara.

The chain serves a range of meat-focused meals at eye-watering prices, but their most loved dish is the burger – which may come with fries, but brings dishonour to the phrase ‘cheap as chips’.

At their London branch, the Nusr-Et Burger with caramelised onion, cheese, and potato chips costs £30. A gold-wrapped version comes with a whopping £100 price tag. 

If you’re among those who wanted to try the delicacy but didn’t fancy dropping £30, you don’t have to miss out.

Few people know that there’s a way to get Salt Bae’s signature burger at a fast food price… but you do need to catch a flight. 

Saltbae Burger in Galata, Istanbul, Turkey serves the same type of food for significantly less money.

A meal here will set you back around £8, which is a big saving on the bill you’d get here in London. So if you’re ever in the area anyway, it may be worth a visit.

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TikTok food reviewer Ali, who goes by @heymanfoodreviews on the platform, recently posted about his experience at the restaurant, which he said is ‘really, really, really good’ and ‘well priced’.

Ali shared a clip of the Vaccine Burger, where a member of staff comes and squirts a syringe of cheese into the burger. It sounds gross, but apparently tastes great.

He said: ‘This was probably the best burger I’ve had in Istanbul. I find the Nusr-Et restaurant a bit overpriced, but this however priced very well.’

Including a drink, Ali’s bill came to 212 Turkish Lira (£9.43).

While Salt Bae may not be everyone’s cup of tea, at these prices you can see if the hype is really worth it. And hopefully your meal won’t be interrupted by protests about the prices…

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