Pillsbury Releases Pokémon Sugar Cookies Celebrating New Film Detective Pikachu

Being a Pokémon fan just got a whole lot sweeter!

In honor of the new film Detective Pikachu, which hit movie theaters last Friday, Pillsbury is rolling out special limited-edition sugar cookies that’ll make any fan of the popular cartoon franchise wanna eat ‘em all.

The new offerings features red-and-white colored cookies shaped like Pokémon Deco Balls as well as a cookies with a bright yellow Pikachu design on them — and best of all, both designs come in each package, which means you’ll never have to pick and choose!

Additionally, each and every package features a shot from the film of Detective Pikachu in action, sniffing out clues.

While you still have months to purchase the limited edition sugar cookie shapes, they won’t be around forever!

Staring now, you’ll have all summer to test out these tasty delights before the cookies disappear from shelves in August.

If your mouth is already watering from the thought of baking your own batch of Pillsbury’s Pokémon cookies this weekend, you’re in luck — they’re already on sale!

The mouth-watering cookies are available at numerous retailers across the country, including Wegmans, Walmart Supercenters, and Target locations across the Northeast.

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