PG tips launches tea for dogs – but it should only be served cold

Ever made yourself a cup of tea, looked over at your dog, and thought they seemed a bit left out of the fun?

No, us neither. But for that very niche problem, the people over at PG tips have come up with a solution: tea… for dogs.

Made in partnership with pet drinks company Woof & Brew, English Breakfwoof is a new type of tea just for dogs.

It’s been made in honour of International Dog Day, on August 26, but is now available for pre-order for £9.99 – with 100% of the profits going to the Support Dogs charity.

What does a tea for dogs taste like, you may wonder?

The teabags are a blend of burdock, dandelion, flax, nettle, seaweed, and rooibos – and contain no caffeine or preservatives.

Technically, you can drink tea made from these teabags, too, but PG tips don’t reccommend it. That’s why they’re selling each box for dogs with a standard box of teabags for people, too.

Some notes on serving the special cuppa to your pup: you needn’t add any milk or sugar, no matter how you usually take yours, and the tea shouldn’t be served hot.

Rather than giving your pet a morning brew right after you pop the kettle on, instead wait for your dog’s tea to fully cool before serving up.

For best results, you can infuse the English Breakwoof tea overnight – just make sure to remove the bag before placing in your dog’s bowl.

The brand is only launching a limited number of boxes of the dog-friendly teabags, so if you are keen to give them a go, we’d suggest ordering a box sharpish.

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