People Swear Trader Joe's New Magnifisauce Is an In-N-Out Burger Dupe

Having the perfect condiment to top a burger is a serious game-changer. Fast food chains have been creating their own specialty sauces for decades  (think In-N-Out’s secret sauce, McDonald’s Big Mac sauce and even the Chik-fil-a sauce) and the sauces have become the best part of the meal. Well, if you’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to recreate In-N-Out Burger’s famous secret sauce then you’re in luck because Trader Joe’s just released a product that shoppers swear tastes just like the famous burger chain’s sauce.  It’s called Magnifisauce and people swear it’s a dupe for the famed Secret Sauce.

Popular Instagram account @traderjoeslist shared the latest (and greatest) TJ find called Magnifisauce and we cannot wait to try it for ourselves because people flooded the comments to say it tastes just like the In-N-Out Burger sauce. “Bought this morning, tastes like in-n-out sauce,” one commenter wrote. This sauce would work great on a number of things; burgers, shrimp po boys, fries and even chicken nuggets.

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The versatility of this sauce seems to be endless. If you love In-N-Out then you should pick this one up and experiment with it. Getting the kiddos to eat food can be difficult and sometimes adding a dab of their favorite dipping sauce can help. This could be their next favorite, so definitely head on down to your local Trader Joe’s to see why everyone can’t stop talking about this magnificent Magnifisauce.

Oh and while you’re there, make sure to check out all of their new Valentine’s Day goodies because we’re sure they won’t stick around for long.

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