Noma, the 'world's best' restaurant, is closing down next year

Copenhagen food spot, Noma, is closing its doors for good next year – so you’ll need to book your trip soon to get a seat.

Noma is known for world-class fine dining at a high price point. In fact, it costs a hefty £500-£600 for the set menu – depending on whether you have alcoholic drinks with the food.

Speaking to the New York Times, Rene Redzepi, the co-founder of Noma, said continuing the restaurant as it is would be ‘unsustainable’ and ‘back-breaking’.

So the restaurant that’s been named ‘the world’s best’ a record five times – winning in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2021 – is set to close its doors permanently in 2024 – with an exact date yet to be announced.

Rene said the work culture in high fine dining is gruelling – with long hours and extreme intensity to meet the standards, across a 100-person workforce.

As a result, if you had this on your foodie bucket list, you’ll want to book a seat and a flight sharpish.

Instead going forward, the company will reinvent itself into a full-time food laboratory, with a focus on creating new dishes for its website Noma Projects.

This means dining opportunities will become rare and increasingly hard to access, with few pop-ups expected after the closure.

First and foremost, Noma is becoming a meal shopping brand – as far as hungry diners can engage with it, that is.

Rene added: ‘Fine dining is at a crossroads, and there have to be huge changes.

‘The whole industry realises that, but they do not know how it’s going to come out.’

Ultimately, ‘financially and emotionally’ the business isn’t working anymore – and so this signals the end of Noma as foodies currently know it.

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