Mystery couple leaves Arkansas steak house server $1,700 tip in cash

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This is what the holiday season is all about.

A server in Arkansas got an early Christmas present when a mystery couple left her an extremely generous tip. According to the money’s recipient, the tip couldn’t have come at a better moment.

Emerald Trotta received the tip last Friday during her shift at steakhouse 501 Prime in Hot Springs, Ark., THV 11 reports.

Apparently, Trotta joked with the couple about her wine-serving skills and promised to be more “professional” the next time they came in. It turns out, the couple probably didn’t have any issues with the service because they left a stack of cash on the table that amounted to $1,700.

Trotta posted her story to Facebook, where she wrote that the couple, “left and I went to clean the table and noticed a stack of hundreds with a green paper clip attached on the floor. I picked it up and ran to the hostess to find out which door they left out of.”


She said she was running down the steps when she finally saw the customers.

"I yelled ‘hey you guys left this’ while waving the stack of hundreds! They said ‘nope that’s for you have a good night’ and kept walking," she wrote. "I stood there in shock not being able to find the words to say, all I could get out was a thank you.”

When she went back into the restaurant, she says she counted the money and it came to $1,700.


She explained why the money meant so much to her.

“To those guests who gave me the tip I could never have dreamed of I didn’t get to tell you I’m a single mother of 2 beautiful boys. I didn’t tell you I got this as a second job because I’m going to buy my first home. I didn’t tell you that I work so much I’m not with the boys as much as I’d like because I have goals that I want to accomplish for them and our little family. To those guests, I pray God blesses you. Thank you for your generous gift. I’ll never forget it.”

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