Moved Over Baked Feta, Because Grilled Feta Is The Tastiest Recipe We've Seen All Summer

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Where were you when you first heard about baked feta pasta? When it went viral in January of 2021, it seemed like everyone we followed on social media tried their hand at the recipe. There were endless variations — Giada De Laurentiis, Jamie Oliver, and Martha Stewart all shared their own twists on the recipe — and these days, baked feta pasta is a weeknight staple for many of us…in the winter months, that is. What about when it’s scorching hot outside, and we don’t want to leave the oven on 400 degrees for 45 minutes, turning our kitchen into an inferno? The New York Times Cooking TikTok just shared a recipe that will give you the same salty blast of feta without making your kitchen unbearably hot.

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NYT Cooking’s grilled feta with nuts is just as easy as the baked feta recipe. You add a big block of feta, some walnuts, and fresh thyme to a cast iron skillet.

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Then, drizzle everything in the skillet with olive oil, and add a swirl of honey over the feta.

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Cook in a covered grill until the nuts get toasted and the feta softens.

The end result? A salty, sweet, savory, rich, and flavorful dish. You can just throw the skillet onto a trivet and let people scoop the feta and nuts out using pita chips, toasted bread, endive spears, whatever you can think of.

The recipe is great as an appetizer or snack. But we think it would also be a delicious topping for grilled poultry or fish, or used to stuff chicken breast or pork chops on the grill, or served as a topping for grilled flatbread pizzas with lots of basil and arugula.

It’s a tasty way to make a delicious feta dish without heating up the house, and it’s one recipe you’ll definitely want to try before summer is over.

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