McFlurry hash brown sandwiches could be your new summer snack hack

Ice cream and potatoes together is nothing new.

People have been dipping their chips into ice cream and milkshakes for years, but now the combo has amped up a notch.

McDonald’s diners are making hash brown ice cream sandwiches, by spreading their McFlurry in the middle of two crispy potato portions.

So instead of the all-sweet ice cream sandwich you might be familiar with, this offers a sweet and salty alternative.

Love the idea or loathe it, we’ll reserve judgement until tasting it.

And it’s certainly got the approval of many on TikTok.

One TikTokker opted for the Oreo ice cream flavour, sharing her snack online.

In the comments, one person wrote: ‘I’m trying this immediately. Would do it.’

‘I dip my chicken nuggets in the Oreo McFlurry, you should try it!!’ another added.

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Be warned, it can get messy as the ice cream starts to melt in the hot hash brown. But plenty of people love the combined flavour so maybe it’s worth a little ice cream dripping down your hands.

Hash browns and an Oreo McFlurry from #mcdonalds 10/10 ypu MUST TRY this!!😋🥰 #mcdonaldshacks #hashbrowns #mcflurrry #foodies #strangecravings

Two creators urged that people ‘must try’ this, and a fan commented: ‘that looks so good honestly’.

It seems that Gen Z is discovering and putting their spin on the long-time clash combo of potato and ice cream.

We’ll be trying this soon too – so watch this space for our take on it.

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