McDonalds Japan Is Bringing Back Its "Gohan Dabuchi" Rice Double Cheeseburger

While the States are getting ready for the return of the McRib, McDonald’s Japan is taking things a bit more regional with the reintroduction of its “Rice Burger” series.

The “Gohan Dabuchi” (Rice Double Cheeseburger) replaces the buns with crispy fried rice that’s glazed in soy sauce. The Rice Double Cheeseburger is meant to be a supplement for those that are working overtime and are craving rice for supper, which is why it only goes on sale at 5:00 p.m. Priced at ¥390 JPY ($3.70 USD) for à la carte or ¥690 JPY ($6.50 USD) for the combo set, this is one way to fill your stomach at a great price.

Those in Japan will have to act fast as the Gohan Dabuchi will only be available for an extremely limited time, ending mid-November.

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