Martha Stewart's "Ultra-crispy" Popcorn Shrimp Is a Surprisingly Affordable Summer Snack

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We love coming up with fun new appetizers and snacks to serve guests when we have people over — and for our own late-night movie snacking needs. There are lots of summer treats at Costco we’ve been stocking up on, but sometimes we want to actually get our hands dirty and do a little cooking in the kitchen. Like, a very little — it’s summer after all. Luckily, for those days, queen of appetizers Martha Stewart is there to inspire. Not only did she literally write the book on appetizers,
but she also posts delicious new recipes to her Instagram account all the time, and her ultra-crispy popcorn shrimp is one summer snack we can’t stop thinking about.

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Shrimp is so versatile, and because of its mild seafood flavor, it’s usually a safe bet to serve to a crowd. But big, juicy shrimp can get pricey. So when we saw Stewart’s recipe, we knew it would be a hit, if only because it uses the super affordable 50-60 count shrimp that’s usually a lot cheaper than jumbo shrimp. With inflation through the roof right now, affordable seafood recipes are exactly what we need. They also cook up in under 5 minutes per batch and get extra-crispy, thanks to the tiny size of the shrimp.

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To make the batter, Stewart mixes flour with six herbs and spices, cornstarch, and cornmeal, to help the shrimp get crispy and crunchy as it cooks in hot oil. They fry up in 3-4 minutes, and then are ready to eat. If you want to take a super quick shortcut, you could even use store-bought shrimp fry.

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Stewart recommends serving the popcorn shrimp with parsley and lemon wedges, along with tartar sauce and spicy cocktail sauce for dipping. It would also be delicious with some Thai sweet chili sauce, or even Buffalo sauce and ranch dip.

What to do if you can’t find 50-60 count shrimp? Stewart says that if you’re using larger shrimp, you can just cut them in half before you batter and fry.

Whether you’re making this recipe for a cocktail party with friends or to snack on during a Marvel movie marathon, Stewart’s popcorn shrimp recipe is sure to please.

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