Martha Stewart Shares Her Hack for Making Decorated Sugar Cookies Easier

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Hot cocoa is being sipped on, our favorite holiday movies are playing, and cookies are baking in the oven. Whether you’re planning to make cookies for you and your family or to gift to a neighbor, the sweets have undoubtedly made their way into most of our kitchens by now (and if not yet, soon). Next time you gather your ingredients, ditch your old standby and try Martha Stewart’s Vanilla-Bean Sugar Cookies instead. Not only is the classic recipe delicious, but it’s easy to make, too, thanks to Stewart’s revealed hack. And hey, we love a good hack — especially in 2020. I mean, we could all use some help as we near the end of the year and we promise Santa won’t know the difference.

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Sharing a photo of her yummy cookies on the ‘gram, Stewart wrote, “Instead of icing this season’s sugar cookies, we stamped out circles and edged them in two sizes of sanding sugar for full, colorful coverage.”

Then Stewart shared a way to cut your cookie-decorating time in half: “But here’s a handy shortcut: Shape the dough into a log, coat it in sugar, and then chill, slice, and bake. Either way you play it, these will be a classic in your holiday baking rotation.”

Genius! It’s such a simple trick that can make a world of difference time-wise.

The ringed sugar definitely adds the perfect amount of color to the vanilla bean cookies and makes them look great. These cookies look beautiful dredged in gold and pink sanding sugar but we suggest grabbing red and green for a more festive look.

Get Martha Stewart’s Vanilla-Bean Sugar Cookies recipe.

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