Martha Stewart Just Revealed the Secret to Her Perfect Fall Stew & You Probably Already Have It in Your Fridge

At the first hint of chill in the air, we officially switch over to soup season. Crockpots and stockpots come out, tender meats and nutrient-rich veggies go in — and we can enjoy a flavorful, easy dinner that is a hallmark of cold weather time. We all have favorite recipes to dust off year after year, but sometimes it’s fun to try new recipes, too. Martha Stewart’s latest stew recipe includes a special ingredient to help celebrate fall, and you can probably find it in your fridge right now.

“Inexpensive pork shoulder becomes meltingly tender after a low-and-slow braise in an elixir of dry cider and broth in this stew that’s inspired by the pot roasts from the Basque region of Spain that marry pork, apples, and hard cider,” she wrote on Instagram yesterday, revealing that a dry cider gives her stew a boost of flavor.

Stewart added, “This stew will bring the magic of fall right to your home kitchen.”

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She also shared a mouth wateringly delicious picture of the finished dinner, chock full of vegetables like carrots, onions, celery, fresh parsley, and other ingredients. It looks so good!

Stewart’s Normandy-Style Pork Stew, which was originally published in the October 2021 issue of Martha Stewart Living, takes a bit of work to make. It requires cooking the pork and other ingredients first, then boiling, then transferring to oven, and topping with even more ingredients. The full recipe takes 2.5 hours from start to finish, but it’s so, so worth it.  

Commenters thought so as well, with one person commenting, “Delicious!! 🥰”

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Another wrote, “Made this Tuesday – divine. Recipe says the tarragon at the end is optional. Do not omit it.”

“This has become our Favorite go to stew,” someone else said. “It is delicious and full of many levels of flavor. The only addition is I add potatoes.”

For those looking for tips on what kind of dry cider to get, the American Cider Association also commented on the recipe. “We couldn’t agree more, Martha!” the official ACA account (@pickcider) wrote. “Check out our dry cider directory full of hundreds of bone dry American hard ciders!”

They also linked to their Dry Cider Directory, including high-alcohol, low-sugar ciders that would make for great additions to your stew.

Add this tasty, filling fall stew to your menu this week for a comforting taste of fall in a bowl. Enjoy!

Find Stewart’s full Normandy-Style Pork Stew recipe here.

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