Man reheats pizza using a toaster, people call him a genius

Leftover pizza is banging.

Whether you’re cold pizza gang, or you like to throw it in the microwave before chomping on the cheesy goodness, a surplus of pizza is always welcome the next day.

One man who was left with the Italian staple had a unique idea to reheat his tasty leftovers.

Instead of popping it into the microwave, Sean Gonzalez used a toaster to heat it up.

Not only that, Sean also lay his toaster sideways so that when the pizza is finished heating, it jumps out onto the plate (because using your hands to take it out is too taxing, okay?)

A clip of the whole thing has been viewed more than one million times on TikTok, where Sean shared the hack.

Some said it was genius while others were more concerned with his topping of choice – pineapple.

Others said the ‘hack’ was an old idea that’s floated around Tumblr since 2014.

I need people to start respecting my skill and innovation.

♬ could a depressed person do this – em

One person commented on the video, saying ‘these are the life hacks we actually need’.

‘How have I not done this?’ asked another.

‘OMG, this is genius’, and ‘They don’t teach that in school’ were also comments left on the video which has more than 300,000 likes.

Some people said that though they tried the trick themselves, they almost set the toaster on fire.

One person wrote: ‘The crumbs and cheese get all caught up on the hot stuff and it’s not fun, I almost started a fire’.

Another said: ‘I did this years ago and my toaster started smoking and almost caught on fire, so yeah, maybe don’t do it’.

The trick might not be for everyone. But at lease Sean didn’t put a steak in the toaster.

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