Man loves Yorkshire puddings so much he can eat 20 per roast

A Yorkshire pudding addict has gone viral on TikTok for eating up to 20 of the baked treats per meal.

25-year-old Jake Farrar has the flour and egg-based food with every single meal he enjoys.

He even pairs them with jam to enjoy as a dessert.

Sunday is his favourite day of the week as he piles his roast dinner with an average of 13 of the regional puddings.

Sometimes, he will even treat himself to 20.

Jake, from Middlesbrough, went to extreme lengths in lockdown and taught himself how to make the puds when he couldn’t travel to the shop as much during lockdown.

His preferred brand is Aunt Bessie’s, with the puddings setting him back around £25 a month for 200.

Jake, a dad-of-two, says: ‘They are absolutely my favourite food. Yorkshire puddings are food sent from the Gods.

‘I have them every day with meals and as snacks.

‘I even have them as dessert and fill them with jam for a sweet treat.

‘I’ve loved them ever since I was a child, although I was rationed to three on my roast.

‘Now, I have an average of 13 on my roast. Everyone in the family knows I love them and makes extra when I’m coming over.

‘I often ask myself how many I would be able to eat in one go. One time I had 20 on my roast.

‘I’ll often have Yorkshires throughout the week at every opportunity I can.’

Jake, who works at Timpsons, consumes a total of 200 Yorkshire puddings every month. This equates to 10,000 calories.

The married father-of-two says his children also love the puddings and can have as many as they want.

‘I have a 6-week-old baby and a one-year-old,’ he added. ‘The eldest is the only one who can eat them but she loves them already.

‘There won’t be any rationing in my house, she can have as many as she wants.’

The food lover recently posted on TikTok to show a huge roast that included an abundance of puddings covered in gravy.

Jake’s huge plate looked hilariously large in comparison to his mother in law, Tracey Reid, 51, who preferred to have only two Yorkshires.

The video received over 600K views and viewers were quick to comment on Jake’s love of the traditional roast food.

‘It’s not easy watching someone else live your dream,’ a viewer commented.

Another added: ‘Heaven’.

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