Man eats huge 8,000-calorie breakfast in record time before moving on to dessert

A man has eaten one of Britain’s biggest breakfast challenges in record time… but had room for dessert.

Jack Squires, 28, was able to consume five eggs, five sausages, five rashers of bacon, five tomatoes, five hash browns and five black puddings in one sitting.

The meal, served up at Bicester Bean Coffee Shop and Café in Oxfordshire, also came with five pieces of toast, five portions of beans and five portions of mushrooms.

The fitness instructor and comedian ate it all in 12 minutes 50 seconds – the fastest the challenge has ever been completed.

As if that wasn’t already impressive enough, Jack then went on to have pudding.

Jack, from Ashwell in Hertfordshire, has been completing these challenges since August last year – sometimes as many as one a week.

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He said: ‘It’s something I do for fun.

‘Me and my pal did one for a laugh, and then I found out I had somewhat of a talent for it.

‘So I started uploading my videos to my YouTube – Squires Inspires – and people love them.

‘After suffering with an eating disorder myself, I hope to inspire people and change the way they look at eating.

‘One unhealthy meal is not going to ruin your progress.

‘I say everything in moderation – including moderation.’

Jack said he will always eat again the day after having one of these massive meals, and never starves himself or over-exercises to make up for them.

Jack added: ‘I was really not expecting what came out as the dessert – I just remember casually asking for the menu and the next thing I know I’ve got 25 pancakes and six brownies on my plate!

‘I certainly gave it my best shot and hope to come back soon.’

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