How to make the 'eggvelope' folded egg you've seen all over TikTok

Eggs are the bread and butter of TikTok, with every day bringing up a brand new way to cook them.

The newest hack has been dubbed the ‘eggvelope’, comprising of an egg white folded over a separated yolk.

The result makes for perfectly cooked whites (no gooey bits) and a deliciously runny yolk that’ll coat your toast or noodles.

Initially shared by SunnyCusine on TikTok, the video has since made its way to Twitter and garnered hundreds of thousands of views and likes.

And, like many of these handy social media recipes, it’s easy and cheap to make.

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The only ingredient you’ll need is an egg, and in terms of utensils go for your most non-stick pan.

SunnyCusine also uses a slotted spoon to separate the yolk from the white, although you can do this beforehand by cracking the shell and moving the egg from side to side pouring the whites into one bowl and isolating the yolk into a second bowl.

As for the method, you’ll want to get your pan nice and hot, with a small splash of oil.

Pour your egg white into the pan and swirl it around until it becomes a thin layer and you see it set somewhat. Then put your egg yolk in the middle of this.

Using chopsticks (or your hands if you have asbestos fingers) fold the cooked egg white over the yolk – first vertically and then horizontally.

Unstick the white underneath this and it should make a neat little pocket that can be flipped and cooked a little more to warm up the yolk.

From here, you’re ready to cut open that delicious eggvelope. You could also add ingredients like cheese or spring onions to bring the recipe to life.

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