How to make Little Moons style mochi ice cream balls at home

Little Moons mochi balls are still having their moment over on TikTok where the hashtag has nearly 278 million views.

When the brand first surged in popularity online late last year, products sold out in various supermarkets over the UK.

But one TikToker then recreated the balls at home and shared how to do it with fans, saying the result of his passionfruit flavoured mochi tastes just like Little Moons.

A popular Japanese dessert, mochi is a pressed, soft and chewy rice dough.

Traditionally a ball of sweet paste is wrapped inside but the ice cream version is increasingly popular and where Little Moons took its inspiration from.

They’re fairly dense, so a little goes a long way with this sweet treat.

Being part ice cream, they’re the perfect snack as we move further towards summer.

TikTok chef Ash Baber started his video by joking: ‘I think Little Moons has done some type of witchcraft on us because everyone is obsessed.’

He shared that he’d tried to create them once before at home, with little success.

Mochi isn’t the most beginner-friendly thing to try at home, but Ash’s video makes it easy to follow.

Here’s how to replicate his passionfruit mochi at home.


Ash doesn’t list exact quantities, but you can see how he mixes his ingredients together below.

Ice cream

  • Cream
  • Condensed milk
  • Vanilla extract
  • Passionfruit (fruit or flavouring)
  • Food colouring (any colour)


  • Rice flour
  • Sugar
  • Food colouring (any colour, different to the ice cream food colouring)


Ice cream


If you can’t eat the whole batch in one go, it’s best to store the mochi back in the freezer.

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