How to make a very easy five-ingredient Victoria sponge cake in under an hour

We’re a week into lockdown 3.0 and if you’re getting bored, baking is one of the most popular activities to try out.

And while sourdough and banana bread were the bakes of the first lockdown, this time the trends are custard tarts, pancakes and a traditional Victoria sponge.

This cake is one of the easiest around and needs just a few ingredients. You can whip the whole thing up in under an hour.

While you can add all sorts of filling, it’s delicious with just a spread of jam if that’s all you have in the cupboard.

For the cake itself. you need equal quantities of butter, sugar, flour and eggs.

It’s really easy to scale it up or down as you just need to match up the weights of each of the ingredients.

While it’s a bake that’s been around for a long time, for novice bakers in lockdown it’s a great way to get some practice in.


  • 175g butter
  • 175g sugar
  • 175g self-raising flour
  • Three large eggs
  • Jam
  • Optional fillings – fresh cream, fruit or buttercream


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