Here's How To Buy Girl Scout Cookies Online (Even If You Don't Know a Girl Scout)

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season, and for those of us who have been snacking on these classic cookies since we were kids, it’s more exciting than even the Super Bowl. But in a year where many of us aren’t going to the office or the store, that means we don’t have co-workers trying to sell us cookies for their kids, and it also means that the tables full of entrepreneurially-minded youngsters selling Samoas and Peanut Butter Patties outside of the grocery store are few and far between (and hopefully always masked). So, what’s someone with an intense craving for Thin Mints or the new Toast-Yay! cookie to do? This year, you can order Girl Scout Cookies online, even if you don’t know a Girl Scout.

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In past years, you needed to know a Girl Scout and get their personalized link in order to buy cookies online. But this year, you can simply use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder to find your local Girl Scout troop, then buy cookies online from them. The cookies will be shipped right to your door, and the Girl Scouts in your neighborhood will still be the ones benefitting from the sale. It sounds like a win-win!

If you don’t actually want cookies but do want to support your local troop, you can also buy “donation cookies.” These cookies will be donated to food programs in your area.

This isn’t the only way that the Girl Scouts are adapting during the pandemic. This year, in certain locations you can also order Girl Scout Cookies for delivery through Grubhub. Grubhub is waiving the fees it usually charges restaurants using its services, so the money from your orders goes directly to the Girl Scouts (don’t forget to tip your driver generously, though – they’re risking their health to bring precious cookies your way, after all!). You’ll even get free delivery on cookie orders of $15 or more through February 14th, and if you’re anything like us when it comes to cookies, hitting that $15 minimum won’t be hard.

This year, Girl Scout Cookie Season might look a little different, but never fear. You can still support your local troops and get your cookie fix safely, thanks to the new online ordering system and delivery with Grubhub.

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