Good Housekeeping votes Galaxy's chocolate chip cookies best biscuits

What are your favourite biscuits?

Perhaps you’re partial to a few Custard Creams or chocolate Digestives. Maybe Bourbons are your thing.

According to the Good Housekeeping Institute, Galaxy’s chocolate chip cookies are the best biscuits around.

The lucky folks at the Institute carried out a blind taste test to reveal the best biscuits on the market.

They broke the competition into different categories such as Rich Teas, chocolate chip cookies, Bourbons, and Custard Creams, as well as chocolate and regular Digestives.

But it was Galaxy’s cookies that took the crown for the best cookie and overall taste test.

The cookies scored an impressive 91/100 – with many of the testers putting it down to the famous Galaxy chocolate flavour which they praised for adding a caramelised taste to the cookies.

The second-highest placed biscuit overall went to Custard Creams from M&S.

With a score of 86/100, the creamy biscuit was praised for its ‘silky-smooth centre with a rich vanilla custard flavour’.

In the Rich Tea category, Aldi’s Belmont Rich Tea (£0.29 for 300g) and ASDA’s Rich Tea Biscuits (£0.30 for 300g) took joint first place, scoring an impressive 74/100. 

Aldi’s biccies had a bit of an edge thanks to its lower price of 29p which judges commended, as well as its ‘comforting, malty flavour and gentle sweetness.’

Another joint winner was for the Bourbon category which went to Co-op’s Bourbon Creams (95p for 300g) and Tesco’s Bourbon Creams (45p for 296g), tied with a score of 81/100. 

In the Digestives category, fan-favourite McVitie’s lost out to M&S for their chocolate variety.

McVitie’s did, however, take the crown for best plain Digestives.

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