Gingerbread houses are out, but Cadbury Chocolate Cottage kits are in

Gingerbread houses are so last year.

That is if you’re a chocolate fan, and instead want to opt for a Cadbury Chocolate Cottage kit instead.

The kit has been brought out for 2019 and has everything you need to make your very own house of chocolate (then see how long it lasts before you eat it).

It includes the limited edition Cadbury with gingerbread bars – so you can still get your Christmassy fix – which make up the front and back walls.

You then melt offcuts of Dairy Milk to use as cement, and then use standard Dairy Milk bars for the other walls.

For the roof, you’ll have the Winter Wonderland bars, which feature little Christmas trees of white and milk chocolate, a Flake for the top, and white chocolate Buttons for decoration.

The kit costs £16, but you’ll have to provide your own icing to make it look exactly like the pictures. We’re sure you’ll want a little extra for dusting too, of course.

It’s proven so popular in the day that it’s been out that the confectionery company are already having to restock it. That should be done tomorrow (18 September), but you’ll likely want to snap it up quickly.

You can get yours on the Cadbury website.

You may think that it’s a little early to be thinking of the festive season, but stores like Sainsbury’s have already stocked up on mince pies and Christmas pudding.

It may also be worth pre-planning your chocolate intake, given some of the most popular choc boxes of the season have got smaller for another year. They’re now 45% smaller compared to ten years ago.

Time for a chocolate house to keep your sugar levels up!

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