French Chef Sets New Guinness World Record With 254 Cheese Pizza

In a monumental moment for pizza lovers, French chef Benoît Bruel of restaurant Déliss has now set the new Guinness World Record for the most cheese varieties on a pizza.

Last week, Guinness World Records announced that the Lyon-based pizzaiolo had broken the previous record with his 12-inch pizza topped with 254 distinct kinds of cheese. The judging was based on a video posted by French food and travel YouTuber FlorianOnAir back in February that chronicles the creation of Bruel’s record-breaking pizza.

In the video, Bruel notes that he was compelled to beat the previous record of a pizza topped with 154 kinds of cheese held by an Australian. Claiming that the title should be held by France, a country known for its love of cheese. After carefully sampling and weighing each portion of cheese for two hours, Bruel was able to assemble his creation which uses over one-and-a-half pounds of cheese.

Costing $1,000 USD to put together, the 254 cheese pizza did not become a menu item at Déliss. But some lucky customers were able to try the indulgent creation at €50 EUR (approximately $60 USD) a piece.

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