Food items to avoid putting in your air fryer that could cause damage

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When air fryers are looked after properly, they can last for up to six years and are more efficient than ovens.

However, if air fryers are not cleaned and maintained properly, problems can quickly develop.

One of the ways homeowners can shorten the lifespan of their air fryer is by putting the wrong food items into their appliance.

With this in mind, appliance experts at RGBDirect have shared which five food items should never be put in the air fryer.

Wet batter or liquid mixtures

The experts advised avoiding putting wet batter or liquid mixtures directly into the air fryer as this can drip down onto the heating element which can cause “smoking, splattering, and potential damage”.

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When air frying battered foods, it’s better to pre-coat them with a dry breadcrumb mixture before placing them in the air fryer to avoid the wet batter dripping.

Non-food items

Air fryers are designed for cooking food and nothing else so it’s “essential” homeowners avoid putting non-food items into their air fryers.

Plastic utensils, tin foil, paper towels and other packaging materials should not be placed inside the appliance as they can “melt, catch fire, or release harmful fumes”.

Overly large food items

The experts said: “Air fryers have limited cooking space, so avoid putting large items that can block proper air circulation.

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“Cutting food into smaller pieces or using appropriate cooking tools can help ensure even cooking.”


While cooking bread or other doughy items in the air fryer may seem tempting, dough can expand in the air fryer and become messy.

When it expands in the air fryer, it can block air circulation and cause problems in the air fryer itself.

Greasy foods

Air fryers are a healthier alternative to deep-fat fryers and are a great way to reduce the amount of oil being used when cooking.

However, extremely greasy foods can cause “excessive smoke” and “splattering” inside air fryers so should be avoided.

The experts added: “High-fat content foods might lead to a buildup of grease in the appliance, affecting its performance and potentially causing a fire hazard.”

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