Fizz for New Year's Eve? Try Crémant for your Champagne alternative

To fizz or not to fizz, that is this New Year’s Eve question. Well if you are planning on fizzing, take a look at Crémant, which is a much more legitimate Champagne ‘alternative’ than Prosecco or Cava ever has been.

For starters, Crémant comes from the same country as Champagne. It is the sparkling wine that’s created a bit of a buzz lately, and it comes from different wine regions across France.

It’s made with the grapes that are used locally for their still wines, for example, Crémant de Bordeaux is made with Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. The grapes that make Bordeaux Blanc, Crémant de Bourgogne is made with Chardonnay. The grape that makes White Burgundy, while Crémant d’Alsace often uses Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris or Riesling – grapes that go into making those aromatic super fresh whites.

The reason why saying “Cremant” sounds a bit like saying “creamy” is totally deliberate. That’s how it tastes, so that’s what it was called. This famously creamy flavour is down to how it’s made, with the bubbles being created inside the bottle (rather than in a large tank and then bottled, which is how Prosecco is made).

This way of making a wine sparkling is the most expensive and time consuming method around, it’s called the Traditional Method, although some people also call it the Champagne Method, but that’s mostly in Champagne itself.

Crémant is never aged for as long as Champagne, and the price of grapes are often cheaper than those in Champagne, and of course it doesn’t carry the same brand recognition price tag as all those famous Champagne bottles.

So if you’re having Champagne then lucky you, but if the budget doesn’t stretch to this, then Crémant is a very delicious, fun filled and genuinely good value ‘alternative’ to pop on the most famous midnight of the year.

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