Costco Is Now Selling a Nearly 7-Lb. Tub of Nutella

Just when you thought Costco couldn’t get any better, the warehouse club introduces the biggest tub of Nutella you have probably ever seen.

The literal bucket of chocolate hazelnut spread is being sold in 105.6-ounce (6.6-lbs.) containers, meaning you will probably be working on eating it well past the expiration date. According to the nutritional information, each tub will serve 81 people.

A 13-ounce jar of Nutella sells on average for $3.49, making this a savings of about $6, when you purchase the larger container for $21.99. 

You can buy the tub in Costco stores nationwide, or online for an additional $3 delivery fee. Plus if you’re a member, you can get two-day shipping.

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The membership-only store is known for selling people’s favorite products in super-sized proportions.

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Last summer Costco made headlines when they brought back Slim Chiller‘s Skinny Freezers— boozy ice pops, which contain only 100 calories and 8 percent alcohol.

Customers have also been known to applaud their sheet cakes, jarred pesto, and their $1.50 hot dog and soda combo.

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