Christmas turkey recipe: How to cook yours for ‘extra juicy results’ – MasterChef champion

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The winner of the BBC cooking show recommends Britons follow a key tip to perfecting their bird, and it happens before the oven even goes on.

Kenny advises this year’s Christmas cooks to “free the turkey”.

It’s important to untie your turkey before getting to work.

Kenny is a member of the anti-truss community. Trussing is the practice of wrapping a bird up in twine, tying the legs together before wrapping.

It’s an old-fashioned practice, and now many cooking experts say it prevents the turkey from cooking evenly.

Kenny said: “Making sure your bird is well cooked but still moist and juicy is always a bit of a challenge.

“Always make sure you untie your turkey before cooking.”

The chef explained why he swears by this method, telling “This makes sure the breast, thighs, and legs cook evenly.”

Another key tip to making sure your turkey is perfectly done is using a meat thermometer.

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He said: “It’s also a great idea to cook to temperature rather than time using a meat thermometer as this is a foolproof way to not overcook or undercook your centre piece.

“Put your probe into the thickest part of the breast and look for a temperature of 74c.”

There is one final step to take, according to Kenny, to make sure your turkey is moist and delicious.

“Always make sure you rest your bird well for extra juicy results,” he said.

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And what is turkey without cranberry sauce? Kenny encourages Britons to make their own.

He detailed his special cranberry sauce recipe, which he calls “easy and delicious”. 

He told “A really easy way to elevate your Christmas spread is to make your own special cranberry sauce that’s sure to last throughout the festive period.

“It’s really easy to do and can be made well in advance.”

Kenny uses fresh or frozen cranberries, light brown caster sugar, two clementines, and a splash of port for his cranberry sauce.

He detailed his Brussel sprout recipe too. 

The MasterChef winner adds bacon, maple syrup, and crumbled chestnuts to the greens.

It creates the ideal side for your Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings.

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