Burger King Unveils Innovative Touchless Restaurant Order System

Burger King has unveiled plans for an innovative new restaurant design that boasts of a “touchless” order system.

Billed as the “Restaurant of Tomorrow,” the new Burger King branch will feature three lanes for “Pick Up, “Park & Order” and “Drive-Thru” — one lane dedicated for food delivery drivers. The store will operate with a solar charging system and seating arrangements will be placed on the second floor for dine-in. Drive-thru customers will be given their orders via a conveyor belt at a designated pickup spot in the parking lot; curbside pickup customers can park their vehicles under a solar power canopy and place their orders through QR codes, and customers ordering takeout without vehicles will be served via a walkup window.

According to the NPD Group, drive-thru visits increased by 26 percent from April to June 2020 following the COVID-19 outbreak.

The new Burger King stores will launch in Miami and Latin America in 2021.

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