Brits are mocking Americans for finally discovering crisp sandwiches

Who doesn’t love a crisp butty (not to be confused with the beloved chip butty)? The buttery sandwich complimenting the saltiness of the crisps perfectly.

And now our American counterparts have made the discovery of the beautiful partnership.

Shared by an Instagram account by the New York Times, chef Kenji López-Alt revealed his recipe for a tuna melt, adding that the salty snack can be added to the sandwich.

The food writer and author said adding crisps, or chips as Americans call it, adds ‘crunch’ and ‘stability’ to the sarnie.

The Instagram post read: ‘Making a sandwich? Put chips in it. Beyond crunch, chips also add stability, holding the fillings in place.’

The caption read: ‘Trust @kenjilopezalt on this one. His recipe for tuna crunch sandwiches is at the link in bio!’

Soon, the post gained traction and viewers shared their thoughts (mostly Brits). Some said they had been adding the ‘revelation’ for decades, adding that it was a regular staple of British life.

One person said: ‘Um people have been putting chips in sandwiches since bologna. And 1991 didn’t call, more like 1970 called. If you are into food at any age you would know this.’

Another unamused person wrote: ‘I’ve been eating chips on sandwiches since I was a kid’, meanwhile one person wrote: ‘Chips? In sandwiches? Groundbreaking.’

Twitter users weren’t too amused by the admission either.

Writer Robyn Vinter couldn’t fathom how it could be a new invention for Americans: ‘Sorry but this cannot be a new concept for Americans.’

Another Twitter user said: ‘Wait until they invent the kettle’ while one quipped: ‘This is like when they discovered sausage rolls.’

One person had no holds barred: ‘Zero culture, has to steal it from everyone else.’


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