Ben & Jerry's Is Releasing a Vegan Version of One of Their Most Iconic Flavors

If you’ve recently (or even not-so-recently) made the switch to a dairy-free or vegan diet, you may have a serious longing for good old fashioned ice cream. Sure, there are plenty of vegan desserts in the freezer aisle these days, but many frozen dairy-free options just don’t mimic the creamy, rich flavor of real ice cream — and even if they do, sometimes you may just miss your old favorite flavor. Well, good news for anyone who’s feeling nostalgic for a Ben & Jerry’s classic: The brand just released one of its most iconic flavors, Phish Food, in a non-dairy, vegan, and gluten-free formula. We can already tell it’s going to taste delicious.

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The global brand made the announcement on their Instagram recently writing, “NEW! Your favorite fudge fish and marshmallow swirls have gone vegan! Introducing Phish Food Non-Dairy, the newest addition to the Non-Dairy lineup.”

Who doesn’t love caramel and marshmallow swirled into chocolate ice cream (or in this case, a frozen almond milk base) and studded with fudge fish? Exactly. But if you aren’t into this flavor, Ben & Jerry’s has sixteen other vegan non-dairy dessert options to choose from that mimic their fan favorites. (Interesting side note: Four of those non-dairy flavors — among them another new launch, Colin Kaepernick’s Change the Whirled, are actually made with sunflower butter!)

We’re always excited when major brands expand their offerings and make them more inclusive — after all, everybody should be able to enjoy a scoop (or, ahem, a pint) of “ice cream,” no matter their dietary restrictions.


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