You've been wrapping your Christmas presents all wrong… and the right way saves time AND money

WRAPPING presents can become quite the chore.

But with these quick tricks you'll be done before you get through the first song on your Christmas playlist.

Wrapping hack

Position your present in a diagonal way so that it is far easier to wrap.

With any box item if you place it in a diagonal then pull the two sides over eachother.

Then the corners left over are ready for you to pull in.

This method is super quick and you use far less paper – saving you money too!


Have the tape ready

Cut pieces of tape ready and stick them to a table or surface near where you are wrapping.

This means you can easily grab pieces of tape as you wrap, saving you time.

Alternatively, you could buy a reliable tape dispenser or one that attaches to your hand to speed up the process.

One that works well is the pop-up tape dispenser that attaches to your wrist or hand and makes wrapping a breeze.

Wrap ANY present

This sack trick means you can wrap any awkwardly shaped present easily.

Simply create a sack like shape using your chosen wrapping.

Then seal the sack at the top neatly.

Make a list – and check it twice!

Write down what presents you have for whom.

Then tick off each present as you wrap it.

Tag the present too so that when you are going away or visiting loved ones, you know which presents to take.

This will save time and keep your presents organised.

Use parcel paper

Brown parcel paper can be easily found at your local post office or high street and it comes in endless metres per roll.

Using brown paper works out better for the planet as it is much easier to recycle than sparkly, foil wrapping paper.

You can still jazz it up and make it festive with ribbons, twine, dried fruit, sprigs of plants or even candy canes.

Never lose the end of the tape again

Wrap a cable tie through the tape loop.

Then when you take some tape and leave some on the roll, it sticks to the end of the cable tie.

Ready to pick up when you need it again.

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