You've been tumble drying your clothes all wrong… this simple ice cube trick will stop you needing to iron

IRONING is pretty high up on the "chores we hate" list – and there's no question about it.

But turns out there's a way to ditch the iron for good thanks to a little-known (but genius) hack.

Laundry expert and CEO of Laundryheap, Deyan Dimitrov, reckons 2021 is the year we say goodbye to ironing – and stock up on ice cubes instead.

For a crease-free solution with minimal effort, Deyan says to throw an ice cube (or two) into the tumble dryer with your clothes – yep, you read that right.

Added to a load with dry clothes, the heat will melt the ice and release steam, therefore decreasing your clothes in just 10 minutes or less .

Or, for light creases, get the job done while taking a hot shower – just hang up your clothes in the bathroom and keep any windows closed to achieve the same benefits of a steam iron. 

But if you remain sceptical (we know, it's hard to believe), cleaning fanatics have been trying the hack and, well, it works.

Good Morning America shared a clip on their YouTube channel showing just how well it works.

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In the video, the bloke attempts to dry a shirt in just three minutes and popsthree ice cubes in with it.

Once it's done, the shirt is visibly crease-free without any fuss.

But the trick is to not overcrowd the dryer, and instead just have a few items of clothing, as it works best when there's extra room.

If you want to ensure your clothes stay wrinkle-free, hang them up on a hanger immediately after getting them out the dryer.


This will ensure they stay smooth, and try to avoid folding them so they don't crumple up again.

Parenting website, Moms, reckon the hack is perfect for those who fail to plan ahead as it's "quick enough to be done last minute, or while you are preparing to go out".

Similarly, Simplemost reckon the hack is "a win" after clothing and even pillowcases appeared far less wrinkled when taking them out of the dryer.

Perhaps give it a go yourself before you ACTUALLY chuck away your iron.

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