You’ve been pouring beer all wrong and you don’t need to take it so slow

MOST of us feel like we have had enough practise pouring beer that we've got it down to an art… but do we?

You probably think you know what you're doing, and it probably goes something like this: tilt glass at an angle and gently pour the beer into it avoiding the build up of foamy head.

But sadly if you were using this common technique you would be wrong.

At the risk of sounding like one of those "trendy" beer snobs, there is a way to do this properly and it will stop you from getting so bloated so you will thank us.

If you don't get it right the carbon dioxide bubbles in the beer won't be released as they should which will give you a bloated uncomfortable feeling as you enjoy your pint.


In order to prevent this happening you have to switch up your serving style so that the gas is released before it goes into your body and here's how to go about it.

Start in the way that you always have, by tipping the glass to an angle, but rather than drizzling the beer in give it a vigorous pour – you could even pour it from a bit of a height.

This will mean you get more foam on the pint so don't tip the whole bottle in in one go, allow the foam to turn to beer before continuing.

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This should help ditch some of the 2.5 bottles worth of CO2 hiding in each bottle of beer before it end up in your tummy.

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