You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the THREE owls hidden among the schoolchildren in 30 seconds | The Sun

IF you can spot the owls that are hiding among a group of schoolchildren in under 30 seconds you probably have the perfect eyesight.

The brainteaser shows a big group of kids dressed in school uniforms- but there are three birds blended between them.

The colorful image by Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas – also known as Dudolf – challenges you to find the three owls.

The artist often challenges his fans to test their abilities with different themed puzzles on his blog and Facebook page.

The new brainteaser released by the cartoonist shows happy schoolchildren dressed in dark blue uniforms.

The perfectly camouflaged owls are in brown, white and cream color.

If you are still struggling to find them, focus on the top left side of the image where you'll see the white owl hiding.

The brown owl can be seen on the bottom left side of the picture while the third one is on the bottom right side.

Another optical illusion by Dudolf challenges you to spot the snake within 20 seconds.

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