You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the dog hiding in living room | The Sun

ONE TikTok video has sparked conversation among its viewers, who at first glance struggled to spot the dog hidden in the living room.

Man's best friend is back at it again in an optical illusion on TikTok that's sure to help determine whether or not you have the eyes of a hawk.

Can you spot the dog hidden in plain sight in the living room of this optical illusion video on TikTok?

The TikTok account kobie.sharpei posted the 15-second video onto the platform, and is dedicated to videos about the life of Kobie, a Sharpei-Shiba Inu-Chihuahua Mix.

The pet account is run by its owner who posted the optical illusion video as a way to engage with viewers.

Kobie seems quite used to blending in with his dark coat of fur as the owner captioned the video "camo dog" to describe him.


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Upon first glance of the video, it may look like there isn't an animal in the image but the more you look, the more that changes.

The video visual starts off with the camera angle posted towards a black couch with a black, artistic clock on top of it.

A voiceover is heard in the beginning of the clip that says, "when you have black sofas and then get a black puppy".

There is also a subtitle over the entire duration of the 15-second video that reads the same statement as above.

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As the TikTok continues, the camera moves closer and closer towards the couch.

It is as this point that the black pup, Kobie, becomes more visible to the naked eye.

About halfway through the video, the words camouflage appears on the screen over little Kobie's face.

The cute canine is completely unbothered and happily chewing on a bone while its owner records him.

The bone may be the only distinguishing factor that aids viewers in finding the pup.

The comment section of the video provided polite commentary and feedback.

"Don't sit on Kobie," one viewer commented.

To which the owner of the account replied, " I defo have a few times especially when he's laid flat lol".

"That's amazing camo," another TikTok user wrote.

"Oh my goodness…how adorable though," another user praised.

Were you able to spot Kobie from the start of the video?

If so, you may have the eyes of a hawk.

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