You could have a high IQ if you could spot the idioms hidden in a summer scene in less than a minute | The Sun

THE words "summer homework" might make you cringe, but this clever brainteaser is the best kind of extracurricular activity.

Test your intelligence and pun prowess by surveying the summer scene and finding the hidden idioms as quickly as possible.

At first glance, the cheery illustration from telecommunications provider TollFreeForwarding looks simple.

People are enjoying sunny summer weather: walking a dog, playing ball in the park, or pushing a stroller with a sun shade for the baby.

But hidden in this picture are images representing five common idioms, and if you can find them all in less than a minute, it might indicate you have a high IQ.

The symbols you're looking for all represent common workplace jargon, like buzzwords and phrases you'd hear in meetings.

Set a timer before you begin, and make sure to challenge your friends, family, and coworkers to beat your score.

If you need a hint, start by looking for an unusual weather pattern in this otherwise sunny environment.

Underneath that odd aerial sight, you'll see another idiom concealed within a fast-paced sports game.

Look to the right of the picture for the remaining three idioms. Do any abnormalities stick out to you at first glance?

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Take a look at patterns in the picture, and make note of any that stand out – they're a good indication that there's deeper meaning there.

Here's another hint: there's one written phrase within the image. It has something to do with one of the hidden idioms, and you've probably used the phrase in an email yourself.

Once you're ready to give in, or check your answers, just scroll down to see the answer key.

On the far left is the most obvious phrase: a "brainstorm."

Underneath that, you see a baseball player. You probably "touch base" when you send an email or make a quick phone call, but this is a more literal interpretation.

The jogger in the center of the image is literally going the "extra mile," according to the sign he's about to run past.

In the background, an organized mama bird has all her "ducks in a row."

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And finally, the mom and baby are walking past a strange array of apples, a pear, and an orange, right at the bottom of the tree. In other words, they're "low-hanging fruit."

Were you able to spot all five idiomatic images in under a minute? Boast to your friends if so, but don't be surprised if they hurry to try and beat your high score.

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