You can now buy red wine-flavoured gin – and it’s perfect for those who struggle to decide what to drink

GIN or wine, wine or gin – it's the ultimate Saturday night debacle, especially when there are so many pros and cons for both (gin offers a kinder hangover, but wine is much better for sharing, right?)

But fear not, the dilemma is over, because a red wine gin now exists – and it could be a total game changer for indecisive drinkers.

Tuesday calls for one of these babies… Bloody Shiraz Gin on ice, with a splash of soda. Simple to make, waaaay to easy to drink. Here's to your day gin friends, hope you smashed it out of the park #FourPillarsGin #DrinkBetterGin #BlooodyShirazGin #gin #cocktailhour #sundowner #shiraz #distillery #YarraValley

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  • Shiraz gin, £48, Four Pillars Gin – buy now

It might sound like an odd creation, but according to its makers, Australian distillery Four Pillars Gin, the Shiraz-flavoured tipple is the perfect combination of "delicious sweetness and pine forest notes".

"2019 was a terrific season for Victorian cool climate Shiraz," they explain.

"And that has given us another belter of a Bloody Shiraz Gin vintage.

"After a good spring rain, summer brought serious heat resulting in more dominant dark fruit notes than 2018 – tons of delicious plum and blackberry.

"Straight up you’ve got those pine forest notes, white pepper and spices, and the gin is beautifully balanced with a delicious sweetness and nice tannins to finish."

We have to admit, it does sound delicious, but at £48 per bottle, it certainly doesn't come cheap.

They recommend adding a simple lemon tonic or drinking it neat with ice, while social media users have been adding slices of orange, too.

Despite its fruity flavour, the gin company explained it still "packs a punch" with an alcohol percentage of 37.8%.

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