Woosh Beauty’s shield promises to put an end to smudged mascara – and fans say it’s ‘the best invention’ ever

It often involves a lot of effort to clean it up and reapply your slap.

  • The mascara shield, £6.13 ($8), Whoosh Beauty – buy now

But that – along with clumpy lashes – could all be a thing of the past thanks to a new invention.

Make up brand Whoosh has brought out a ‘lash shield’, which not only protects your lids from smudges but help separate them too.

Sharing a snap of the tool on Instagram, they said: “Ain't nobody got time for mascara messes.

“Protect your freshly finished eyes with our lash shield.”

Selling the shield for £6.13 ($8), Whoosh said it’s “Sloped angle helps to amplify lash curl”, and the “handle doubles as lash and brow comb”.

The product – which can be used on both the top and bottom lashes – launched this year and earlier this week the British Beauty Council praised it on Instagram.

They said: “britbeautycouncil Loves innovation – it’s one of the three pillars we support as part of our strategy to champion the British beauty industry – so our hearts leapt when we spotted a Mascara Shield by @whooshbeauty.”

Beauty fans have also been praising it online, with one person saying: “Wow this kit is so cool.”

Another said: “Definitely need this.”

And a third wrote: “Omg didn’t know owt like this exists I’m forever getting mascara on my lid.”

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