Woman’s life-changing tip makes mouldy tiles look ‘good as new' WITHOUT any scrubbing for just £2

A WOMAN has revealed her life-changing tip for making mouldy tiles look good as new, without any scrubbing.

Once mould builds up in the bathroom, it can be a nightmare to get rid of, but one cleaning fan's changed all that for just £2.

Posting on Facebook's Cleaning Tips & Tricks a year ago, in a viral post which resurfaced this week, she showed off the thick, black mould and said: "Please please please help!!!"

After listening to advice from other scrubbing fanatics, she decided to try the tip of bleach and cotton wool.

She later added: "I used cotton wool and bleach and have attached photos of the results – wow! Thank you!"

The tip came from a helpful cleaning fan, who suggested: "Spray bleach on it and leave cotton balls or toilet paper on it and let it set for 12 hours."

The best bit? There's no need for scrubbing as the mould will just lift away overnight.

The woman added: "I just pickup the cotton balls. I found this on YouTube, it worked for me. I don’t remember if I rinse it off or not."

Others said they also used this hack, adding it "worked 100%" and "It really does work."

Hundreds of people liked and commented on her post, with one person writing: "This is amazing!"

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