Woman thought the wooden floors in her home were dark – then makes sickening discovery

SETTLING into a new pad is a great feeling – everything is clean and ready to be made a home

But after moving in to her new place, one woman made a gruesome discovery and realised it wasn't as tidy as she once thought.

You see, the dark timber floors she once appreciated turned out to be covered in a thick layer of dirt, and were actually much, much lighter in colour.

She made the discovery after scrubbing a section of the floor which revealed the true colour of the timber.

The woman shared a clip on TikTok on her page Dandy Cleans and wrote: "When I moved in I just thought the floor was dark."

And added two vomiting emojis to show just how disgusted she really was.

In the clip, she lathers The Pink Stuff – a popular cleaning paste – all over the grubby floor, and as she wipes it away, the floor becomes much lighter and brighter.

The clip has since gone viral with more than 100k liking the transformation.

Many thought the cleaning job was extremely satisfying as they shared their initial horror.

One person said: "OMG… this would have me scrubbing all day LOL."

And a different user added: "Oh my goodness, a cleaner's dream come true!!! Fabulous job."

Some shared their own similar stories as one said: "I had the same thing happen to me. I thought they were black. They are light blue/grey.

And another replied: "One time I spilt something and my MILs house and I scrubbed the floor where it happened and it was completely different than the rest."

However, some people weren't quite so impressed, and questioned whether or not she cleaned dirt or just "removed the stain".

Concerned, on person wrote: "You look like you scrubbed the stain out. Especially with the green tone."

But the woman insisted that it was laminate flooring and it really was"THAT dirty".

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