Woman stunned by how her nail tech removed her old varnish… & people say she should've walked out right there & then | The Sun

GETTING your nails done is supposed to be a relaxing experience, a time to pamper yourself.

But for one beauty lover it was anything but a pamper session, as she couldn't believe her eyes when the nail whizz started to remove her old varnish… with her fingers.

Stunned at what she was seeing, the woman, simply known as Mulana (@mulanana) on social media, took to TikTok to share the rather unusual encounter.

According to Mulana, who regularly gets glam manicures, she had asked the salon for a fresh pedicure, which of course, involves removing the old polish.

But this is when the beauty tech revealed she had run out of cotton balls and acetone.

Determined to give Mulana the pedi of her dreams, she set off to get rid of the old nail varnish by chipping it off with her hands.

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Holding Mulana's foot, she went over each toe and vigorously scrubbed off the white nail varnish, leaving the client completely baffled.

Just as stunned, of course, were people on social media, who said that they would've left the salon right there and then.

''Red flag ! Walk out,'' commented one of the 413k viewers.

Someone else reckoned: ''She could of used a filer.''

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A third chuckled: ''Doing what she had to. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Getting the job done.''

''This place must be like that Karen’s restaurant where they’re paid to be rude to you,'' another person thought.

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Recently another woman went viral after revealing her therapist was using a rather unconventional method of waxing her legs.

Ahead of her holiday, Trinity decided to pop into a beauty salon for a few treatments – but left rather mortified.

As well as giving herself a little pampering session with a fresh set of nails, the young woman agreed to have her legs waxed – something she had never done before.

Not knowing any better, the 21-year-old, from Texas, the US, just sat down and observed the lady who was about to make her legs hair-free.

''So she's sitting there and she's putting the wax on and I'm like 'Okay, I don't think this is hot enough because it's hurting as she's putting it on'.''

Then, Trinity has a glance at the paper the lady was about to use and things seemed a bit off.

''I'm like 'Is that printer paper?'''

Despite feeling a little baffled to say the least, the young woman gave the beauty pro the benefit of the doubt.

But the whizz at the salon keeps on putting the paper and ripping it off, Trinity decided to start recording what was happening and sending the footage to her mum.

However, just as her daughter, the mum was of no use – she too had never had her legs waxed before.

Trinity went on to share the story on TikTok: ''It's only pulling out some of the hairs – so rest of the hairs on my leg were covered in wax and it wasn't coming off.

''So then she stops and pulls out tweezers and starts tweezing my leg.''

After asking is she was going to be charged for this, the professional just smiled at Trinity and said the procedure would be free.

''She's just smiling at me the whole time.

''I don't think she knows what she was doing but I think she wanted me to know that she didn't know.''

Now, after the mortifying experience, Trinity was facing a dilemma – she had been a loyal customer for years but this was bang out of order.

''I've been going there forever, like getting my nails done and my toes done for like years.

''So I don't want to tell on them but – what are you doing?''

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Since being uploaded on the popular platform, Trinity's video has gone viral, racking up over a whopping 2million views.

''Bro.. is that PRINTER PAPER?! never again,'' she added in the caption.

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