Woman stunned after her Depop delivery arrives in VERY saucy packaging

THERE'S nothing better than an online delivery turning up at your door.

But one woman was left stunned when her latest Depop delivery turned X-rated, thanks to the sender opting for very saucy packaging.

Wanting to do their bit for the environment, they decided to recycle old packaging they had saved – only they seemed to forget to check the box over first or they would have realised it was originally used for a sex toy.

Not surprisingly, the woman who received the delivery was left completely shocked when she saw the label on the box and realised it had been for a "sonic clitoral massager".

They had used the packaging to send out a salt shaker and taped the box in place.

Calling out the sender, she sent the person a photo of the packaging and said: "You could of at least wrapped it in a bag (sic)."

The seller, unfazed, replied: "Sorry this is how your received it. I try to use packaging from recycling so basically whatever comes my way.

"I believe the front of the box was covered with a label. I hope that the item arrived alright."

Still not happy, the woman then pointed out: "The back literally says dildo all over it and a full description."

She shared a picture of the back of the box which not only listed the item, but included a lengthy description and the product details.

The woman's exchange with the sender was shared on meme account Depop Drama on Twitter and Instagram, with the post being liked over 27k times.

It included a screengrab of the messages and photos of the box the salt shaker had arrived in, alongside the caption: "someone sent off their depop item in a dildo box lol."

People could't get over the unexpected packaging and it prompted plenty of funny replies online.

One person commented: "Same energy as my aunt giving me a present in a tampon box when i was in 4th grade and made me feel so embarrassed opening it in front of my whole family."

"I hope the box was recycled and she didn’t buy a second hand sex toy from Depop," teased another.

A third joked: "We love a sustainable queen."

To which the original shopper replied: "I promise you, I bought a salt shaker".

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