Woman shares worrying reason outlet make-up is so much cheaper…and it’ll put you off the bargain buys for life | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to share the real reason outlet makeup is so much cheaper – and people can’t believe they didn’t realise it either. 

Lucy, known online as @lucywordsworthx, regularly shares life updates with her 650 followers. 

But in a new video, she reveals her latest discovery – and claims that the reason outlet makeup is so much cheaper is because most of it is out of date. 

During the 27-second video, she is seen holding up various products in her local Beauty Outlet. 

Using the individual product code, the makeup fan checks the date of manufacture at checkcosmetic.net. 

This reveals that the Elizabeth Arden product was manufactured in May 2018, making it five years old. 


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She also holds up a lipstick and claims this one to be ‘out of date’ too. 

On another product, she shows a sticker with the product’s manufacturing details. This reveals that the makeup item’s expiration date was August 2021. 

Later in the video, she revealed that the product she checked online has a manufacturing date of 2015, making it over eight years old. 

She said: “Ever wondered why outlet makeup is so much cheaper?

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Below the video, she added: “It’s cheaper for a reason.”

The video gained plenty of attention online, racking up more than 30,000 likes and 471,000 views. 

In the comments, Lucy’s followers shared their reactions, with one writing: “Our sign to stop shopping at beauty base in Westfield.”

Another said: “For me, only food expires lol.”

A third added: “Meh I'm still using my busted too faced chocolate bar palette from 2014.”

But how bad is it really to use out-of-date makeup?

Head of Clinic at online beauty retailer Face The Future, Kimberley Hulme said: “Using expired products for an extended period of time can actually start to reverse all the hard work you will have done by investing in the right skincare products, to begin with.”

She added: “While it might feel a little wasteful to get rid of a product before it is empty, you are actually helping to ensure that your skin is getting as much benefit as possible from the products you are using.”

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